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11 Best Jack Russell Terrier Facebook Posts

As you surely know by now we own a facebook Fan Page totally dedicated to our favorite dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier. We started working on this Fan Page in February of 2016 so its still a fairly new page. However it has been growing pretty fast from day one. Now after only eight months we are at 50.000 people who liked that page and still follow us on a day to day base. So with the 50K people and almost 1700 pictures on the page its time to show you our top 11 pictures. This is a top 11 based on the reach of a post on the fan page.

Our number 11 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

I'm a dirty Jack Russell Terrier

This little guy really got into digging in a plant pot. He looks up as though he was just busted by his owner. Which got him a great picture.

Our number 10 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post


I can't keep calm, I have a Jack Russell

This obviously is a correct statement. Once you have a Jack your days of peace and calm are gone. These high energy dogs are always busy and they will find a way to keep you busy also.. This particular picture is used a lot in all kinds of designs. You see variations of this all over the internet. We have made the picture clickable. It sends you to the T Shirts on the UK Amazon store

Our number 9 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Any Woman can be a Mother

Number 9 is another nice quote that is used in a lot of designs and can be found all over the internet in Shirts, Magnets and door signs. Of course the statement is very true. You are special if you are a woman and own a Jack Russell Terrier. Or does the Jack Russell Terrier owns the mom? I guess that is the question.

Our number 8 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

New Born Jack Russell Terrier

This little guy is absolutely adorable. It has been posted several times on the fan page and every time it gets a lot of attention. People like it, comment on it and share the picture. Hard to imagine how small they are when they are newborns. They grow up so quickly. A very good tip is to take pictures whenever you can…

Our number 7 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy in a basket

Another puppy, another great picture. Everybody loves these little guys. Hard to imagine that in just a couple of months a pup like that will fill up the basket. Also amazing to see how peaceful these little ones sleep. They are totally out..

Our number 6 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Mother and Son Jack Russell Terrier

It may come as no surprise that pictures with puppies in them do well on the page. This beautiful one is no exception to that rule. We all melt a bit inside when we see these kind of pictures. Well I do.

Our number 5 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Jack Russell the Pirate

Arrrrrrr I’m Jack Russell the pirate. This picture also got liked a lot. I guess its the way he shows its teeth that makes this a special picture worth liking and sharing.

Our number 4 favorite Jack Russell Terrier postJack Russell Busted in the Fridge

Oh hi, would you like Wild Salmon for diner? This Jack got busted doing some shopping in the fridge. Clever Fans on the Fan Page noticed that the dog was stealing the wrong things from the fridge. Since there is Gin, Jagermeister, Wine and a lot of other spirits in there.

Our number 3 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Jack Russell Terrier Rules

We are in the top three now and the Jack Russell Rules have been a big hit every time we have shown it. I think the reason for that is the fact that we all recognize the text that is in there. So if you think you and your dog are unique. Forget it, Jack Russell rules.

Our number 2 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Jack Russell Tricks
Jack Russell Tricks

The number 2 in our top 11 posts are the Jack Russell Tricks. I have lost the initial information but this post really got a lot of attention when I first posted it. Got seen by a lot of people. And when I say a lot, I mean that it had a reach of well over a million people. I made a T Shirt with this printed on it and that still sells. This one is also something most of us can relate to. the Jack Russell Terrier has its own set of Tricks..

Our number 1 favorite Jack Russell Terrier post

Finally you reached our current number one Facebook fan page post. This one has a reach of 470.000 people and got liked 16.500 times. Absolutely amazing. But at the same time also a beautiful picture. And therefore a well deserved number 1.

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