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Cheetah vs Jack Russell 2

Jack Russell vs Cheetah 1
Jack Russell vs Cheetah1

A year later and Kinji the Cheetah is a teenager and still lives with his small dog friends. He’s about 120lbs and growing while Chloe, the Jack Russell Terrier, is still at ankle height. Kinji has matured… somewhat since they play fought a year a go but they still respect each other and their rolls.

Kinji is the smartest cheetah I’ve come across. He picks out his own toys from a toy box, knows how to annoy Chloe to get her to chase him, steels stuff from the house on the breeding farm, and is one of the calmest cheetahs there. I think part of what makes him smart also makes him more trustworthy. Most tamed cheetahs are trustworthy and non aggressive but Kinji seems a step above it all. He’s clever and thinks about things. You can see it as he studies things; looks around and twists his ears. He is trusted enough to have a run of the place and even part of tourist visits where paying guests can pet him.

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Jack Russell vs Cheetah 1

Cheetah vs Jack Russell 1

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