Jack Russell Terrier Racing

Jack Russell Terrier Racing
Jack Russell Terrier Racing

The British have a real love of animals. Writer George Eloit best summed this up by saying “ animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, and they pass no criticism”.
That may be so with horses and the popular domestic cat.
But with man’s best friend criticism can sometimes be passed, especially when the little darlings start to bark.
One such breed is the loveable but noisy Jack Russell terrier. Left on their own, they can get into all sorts of trouble. They’ll chew everything. They bark, and they can wear out the patience of even the most adoring owner if not trained properly.
The dogs are compact, powerful, tenacious and fearless, they were used many years ago as hunting dogs, as their strength can pull larger animals such as deer to the ground.

Now in Britain these pocket-sized powerhouses are learning new skills.

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