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Jack Russells | 15 Examples How Jack Russell Terriers are the best dogs. Funny and cute!

This video shows how amazing Jack Russell Terrriers are. Energetic, loving and full of character JTR dogs have a well earned reputation of the excitable and mischievous dogs. They are also extremely affectionate.
In this video you will see:
A Jack Russell Driving a boat,
A Jack Russell Doing a hand stand
A Jack Russell Funny dancing with another dog
A sleepy Jack Russell Trying to stay awake
A Jack Russell Doing the housework
A Jack Russell tennis balls
A Jack Russell Going crazy after bubbles
Jack Russell puppies being cared for by their mother
A Jack Russell Surfing and more…
When you think you have seen them all. Think again. Meet Toby the tree climbing Jack Russell. And before we al get upset. This dog does it by nature.
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Jack Russell 101

Jack Russell

jack russell puppies playing with cat

Jack Russell Puppies playing with cat